Visual health safari - Chinatown, San Francisco

Yesterday morning I took a long walk around San Franscisco, looking for new examples of health messages.  At the end of my route, as I walked back toward my hotel in Union Square, I meandered along Washington Street. From there I was swept up into a busy Sunday morning in Chinatown.  

First look: Colorful, aromatic, busy, ancient environment
One of the coolest things I checked out was this busy Apothecary.  Don't miss the shot of the Chinese doctor in the back of the shop. Too bad my iPhone couldn't capture the earthy aroma of the herbs... 

Herbalists mix tonics for clients waiting with prescriptions.

Hundreds of herbs are stored in the small drawers behind the counter.
Each herb is carefully weighed.

The doctor consults with patients out in the open, in back. $12 for a consultation.