Let go or be dragged

I have a friend who builds piers. He defends dry land against the force of oceans, tides, and rising waters. You might think he's a burly dude, into all his heavy equipment and massive impact. But not so much. He's about the smart trade-off; minimizing damage done. 

When my friend recently shared the expression, "Let go or be dragged," I knew it was a keeper. I've never heard of a better way to describe the pain caused by a failure to let go. How about you? Can you find an incidence of being "dragged" in your own life? Would letting go help?

"Let go or be dragged" ... It's quite a handy little phrase.



Choosing growth

Michele Woodward is a personal coach who really knows her stuff. Yesterday she posted, "Finally Un-stuck" and I think it is so important that I just have to excerpt it here:
Stuck is a nerve-wracking place.  And takes a ton of energy.  So much energy, in fact, that it’s hard to find the oomph to do anything other than be stuck.

People who are stuck often face some kind of big decision or life change.  And they torment themselves with, “Is this the right choice? What if I make a mistake?”

That is the stuck place.  Can’t move forward for fear of doing something wrong, and can’t go back due to the space-time continuum, so… stay stuck.

There’s only one way to break through the muck and get un-stuck. And that is to reframe the question from, “Is this the right choice?” to “Am I choosing growth?”
What great advice. Having a flexible framework that serves as a decision aid is a super idea and one worth sharing. I'm definitely choosing growth!

Read the whole post here.