Postcard: Swiss Alps Jill

Bonjour Coco!

It's Jill, your second-cousin-twice-removed-in
-law, from the foothills of the Swiss Alps!

Nancy sent me your link today and I have spent the last hour reading; you are on the way to Tiger-Lily-ness, stay the course my girl. You have got me to thinking about Tiger Lily, and I agree with everything you have reported about her but:

1) Does Tiger Lily "need" an audience, or

2) Is it more true that we "need" Tiger Lily and so she "should" have an audience?

The whole point of Tiger Lily is that she is where she is and regardless of her audience her significance remains.

Perhaps this is one of life's great sadnesses, we don't recognize the richness of our own life and existence on its own merit, it is only when other people give us validation that we feel we have in fact achieved or overcome.

My own "Tiger Lily Dreams" are of myself in great old age, sipping a glass of bordeaux so earthy things are practically growing in it, before me is a view so verdant and pastoral I feel like Little Bo Peep without the spider, and I feel the present more vividly than I ever could in my youth because I know its fleeting.

In this vision, I am rich with experience and bouyed by the love I have felt from those who have touched my life through the years.

I should have an audience, but maybe, because of circumstance or distance, maybe I don't, yet my value remains. . . Of course, this evolution is so far from who I am presently, that I need to make tracks, but the embodiment of this dream is brilliant and shared by so many who don't have an articulate vision...

Tiger Lily warrants every moment I spend reading about her.
Au revoir from Cow Country and I look forward to your next installment.
Jill x

PS The more likely version of my old old age will be of me on the shores of Trout Lake bogarting a can of Schlitz, swatting mosquitos and trying to shock the younger family members with obscene Scrabble words.

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