A Thanksgiving Ditty and Blessing

May the meal be simple
The affections deep
The clean-up easy
The leftovers keep.

Should the family without
Need a little of yours
May you find the will
To give something, of course.

May our earth spin lovely
Extended in space
May the story of harvest
Bring a welcomed grace

To those far away
from our table this day
may their lives be felt
through the words we say.

Thank you! we are grateful
We are grateful for life.
Thank you! we are grateful
For this day of less strife.

Soldiers and preachers,
Politicians and press
Gather at the table
Take this rest.

Child and mother
Farmer and cook
The day of Thanksgiving
Is here - go. Look.

Let go of drudgery
Let the meal be a feast
On tastes and smells
For the smallest, the least

Serve love, forgiveness
Good pie, good wine.
In these uncertain times.

And tomorrow when memories
are all you can hold
Loosen your grip
And let life unfold...

There is much to learn
And so much to do
Believe in life's goodness
As it comes to you.


posted by Coco Kraft Thanksgiving morning 2007

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