Small town toy store

I stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last weekend, on our way up north to Damariscotta, Maine to collect our daughter from camp. Not only is there a great set of coffee shops and galleries in downtown Portsmouth, there are no fewer than 3 FABULOUS toy stores within walking distance. That's a sign of a healthy town . . .

What's more is that we could stroll and browse in and out of these great toy stores with our son, while catching pretty glimpses of the seacoast, historic architecture, and a working tug boat yard.

Let's just say that
I fell back in love with the notion of the small, livable village on the seaside.

Romantic? Yes, most definitely. But smaller scale, walkable villages are also modern, sustainable, and perhaps even better for your health.

P.S. Tugboats are cool


  1. ooh my golly. did you ever fall out of favor, really, with the small seaside village? not me. i hope i get my chance to live by the ocean someday.

  2. Is this the reason behind the Tweet about tug boats?

    It made me think of a video a good friend had sent of a tug boat being completely submerged by a bridge then coming back up on the other side. Water streaming out the windows. Amazing boats.

  3. That is exactly where my Tweet came from ... I would LOVE to see the video of the submerged tug if you could ever find the link. Might have to search for it myself :)