Feeling uncertain is better than feeling afraid

The economy is very tight. There is no doubt about it: We're in a recession and have been for a while. Here come more layoffs ... a decision in an election that has lasted more than 2 years (and cost obscene amounts of time and money) ... the crowded schools ... the cuts to social services. The list multiplies.

For what it is worth, my response is to bow down and face the reckoning. Spending up may have been "entertaining" but most agree that living simply and within one's means is the better plan for individuals and the country.

So, instead of getting scared about what's to come, I try to remind myself, "Where have I been excessive?" and "Where have I remained in balance?" Usually there is equity in that inquiry.

And feeling uncertain is healthier than feeling afraid.

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  1. Reckoning is a good word.

    A lot of good folks are in for a reality check over the next couple of years. I know we over bought our house. Hopefully we can hang on to it as it is a great place in a great neighborhood, but reality will be healthy for me and my neighbors.

    10 years from now we will be stronger. Hopefully 15 years from now we are not making the same mistakes.