3 elevated ideas from 2009

'Tis the season to reflect and "force abandon" the bloat, the bogus, and the banal of the year behind. As we edit and prune in preparation for the year ahead, I'll offer up 6 ideas, nah just 3, ideas that changed my life in 2009:
#1 - It is easier to be a prophet than a saint.

M. Scott Peck said it best, but it is my family and close friends who remind me every day that living well and generously is less about being clever than it is about being consistent and actively creating a life of purpose and meaning. This quote reminds me to stay grounded in the face of change.
#2 - "[We just don't] fathom ... that most big dreams originate in someone's living room with a small group of people, regardless of where they come from or how they are dressed." (p. 50, The Blue Sweater)

Innovation and progress are fertile, close-to-the-ground energies with social dimensions. This quote reminds me to get intimate, to share out in order to dream big. If you are interested in catching an in-depth glimpse into these social dynamics at work, read The Blue Sweater.  In it,  Jaqueline Novogratz, treats us to an inspiring account of her search for an end to global poverty. The book is a rare first person account of the sacrifices and celebrations a social entrepeneur makes on her way to manifesting her own authentic leadership style.
#3 - "... We love to talk on things we don't know about." (Ten Thousand Words, by The Avett Brothers) Listen to this track.

I joined The Conversation in a big way this year because Twitter gave me a mic.  Mostly, the conversations have been educational and entertaining. As I participate, however, I worry about how the acceleration of information will impact us long term. The fast pace seems likely to destabilize institutions and economic pipelines in ways we won't understand until significant compression has occurred. That said, these are exciting times and there is no turning back.

Best wishes for 2010 and thanks for reading in 2009!

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