Let go or be dragged

I have a friend who builds piers. He defends dry land against the force of oceans, tides, and rising waters. You might think he's a burly dude, into all his heavy equipment and massive impact. But not so much. He's about the smart trade-off; minimizing damage done. 

When my friend recently shared the expression, "Let go or be dragged," I knew it was a keeper. I've never heard of a better way to describe the pain caused by a failure to let go. How about you? Can you find an incidence of being "dragged" in your own life? Would letting go help?

"Let go or be dragged" ... It's quite a handy little phrase.



  1. Another handy phrase: When you've come to the end of your rope, let go.

  2. oh, no never ever have I been dragged in my life because I did not let go. Kinda like a dog on a bone expression....but I think those folks who can say things like .... let go or be dragged have actually have lived to tell the tale. Otherwise how would you know?

  3. Sounds like the expression of someone who spends time around the ocean indeed.