Child care gaps

I have a decision to make about how we will transition from summer nanny to after school care.

My dream is that my mother (who loved and challenged her grandchildren ) lived nearby and was enthusiastic about providing care for the children at market rate. But mom lives in Florida.

So, with a bit of compromise thrown in my dream leans toward an organic arrangement with a friend who needs what I need, and has an interest in grouping our children together so that:
  • the children build friendships/flexibility/resiliency
  • we share expenses
  • we fill one of our empty houses up with life after school
  • we become better friends through the exercise
I'd like to hear how others have walked through these choices. In particular, I want to know if you think there is a child care gap? Is there room for a model that is in-between at-home mom/family member, "Aftercare," and nanny? What does the model look like?

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  1. I think it is too much to expect of yourself to know this all up front. You gotta trust that all the details will be okay.