Overworked girl bloggers

There are so many cool chicks out there blogging and moving their shows forward. Here are a few good reads:

Dr. Val - is a trusted source
Loulie's - is full of style
The Bloggess - is irreverent
Maria Niles - is a Twitter bud
Miss Mota Mouth - is "racy"
Michele Woodward - is supportive

Wondering what these six do when they notice that they are supremely tired, but still a bit unsatisfied ... Maybe they'll tell us.


  1. I volunteer with the Red Cross. :) That's what I do when things seem a little light on meaning. However, I like to pamper myself too... a spa vacation is sounding really good right now (one can always dream). Thanks for the blog nod, my friend!

  2. I drink. That's a bad answer but also true.

    And I watch Ghost Hunters and read comic books I've read a million times before.

    And yoga.

    (But not really so much of the last one.)

  3. Two comments for the sinner and the saint in all of us ...

    Glad you visited and I have one last question ...

    Is your hair done yet?

  4. When I notice that I'm tired, I rest.

    When I feel unsatisfied, I examine my expectations and figure out where the feeling's coming from. Often, I'm unsatisfied because I'm not done yet and need to remind myself to stick to something.

    Like today, for instance. I went to the dentist. I was not liking being present, so I let my mind wander -- an attempt to get into a meditative state - ha! -- and felt very unsatisfied. And that thingy was whirrrring inside my mouth. But then I remembered "this, too, shall pass" and just grinned (!) and bore (Ha! ANOTHER dental pun) it.

    Thanks for mentioning me, kiddo. You're fantastic!

  5. I run. Literally and metaphorically, speaking. I run the wooded trails to stay sane but I also "run" to the next activity, perhaps running from the reality that I should slow down and take more quiet, reflective time for myself.

    alas, yoga kinda does that for me.

  6. Thanks so much for asking and including me here - I'm honored :)

    Getting out of the house/office helps - taking a walk with the dog, working out, even just running errands like today. Meditating or sitting in silence for a few minutes, talking to friends or family, connecting on twitter ...

    As Dr. Val said, volunteering is great - I like Habitat for Humanity because it's physical - swinging a hammer or digging a ditch can be rather therapeutic :)

    In short (lol because this comment is so long!) getting my focus off of work or roadblocks can help create the space to move forward.

  7. Just waiting for miss mota mouth to tell us something like she jumps into a very cool car/truck/thing that goes and DRIVES ...

    Hope to hear from her .