Is this your June too?

Since the first week of May here is a sampling of my to-do list. No comment on which of these things were accomplished:
  • Attend Field Day
  • Attend picnic after field day
  • Attend all-school evening picnic
  • Clean up school grounds
  • Learn how to drive traffic (web traffic)
  • Celebrate Earth Day
  • Clean up river
  • Give away books and toys
  • Give away other household items
  • Make caterpillar costume for 1st grade play
  • Attend recorder concert and attend 1st grade play (at exactly the same time)
  • Be an effective employee
  • Attend French class breakfast
  • Bring in fresh flowers for teacher appreciation
  • Attend thank-you lunch for volunteers
  • Attend 3rd Grade Wax museum
  • Attend carnival
  • Spend $$ at carnival
  • Host pie eating contest at carnival
  • Be a gracious and loving mother
  • Bring in sprinkles for 1st grade end-of-year party
  • Bring in mini-marshmallows for 1st grade party
  • Get son to 7-year-old check up
  • Help with third grade party
  • Bring in adult clothes for relay race for 3rd grade party
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude
  • Help my daughter run for Vice President in primaries
  • Help my daughter withdraw from election after she made it through primaries and realized she was too busy
  • Drive ballet carpool
  • Dress rehearsal for end-of-the-year ballet recital
  • Attend end-of-the-year ballet recital, with bouquet for dancer
  • Submit camp medical and safety paperwork
  • Eat well and cook healthy meals at home for everyone
  • Attend little league game
  • Little league again (because it is twice a week)
  • Research and register for camps
  • Set-up summer play routine
  • Look attractive
  • Replace summer childcare solution at last minute
  • Pack for camp
  • Get exercise
  • Put ID labels on everything before packing for camp
  • Send Mother's Day cards/flowers/love
  • Send Father's Day cards/flowers/love
  • Celebrate Sister's birthday
  • Celebrate Nephew's birthday
  • Sleep well
  • Celebrate Mother's birthday
  • Send invitations for daughter's birthday
  • Hold sleepover for daughter's birthday
  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Practice gratitude
... Live my "best" life


  1. I love you for this post! I have never wanted to actually see, on paper, what I have to juggle.

  2. And I edited myself:

    Didn't talk about yesterday's layoff at work

    Or about ...

    The double X chromosomes are alwyas so hard at work

    love back to you Kn1tty

  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2008

    exhaustion ...

  4. Sounds familiar. I go to work to relax.