It was beautiful ... now to say farewell

Today I have good reason to type out what's on my mind: two wonderful friends are moving forward into new adventures.

I thought I'd say farewell to them in pictures, with images I shot last weekend on Long Island:



It was a rare beauty we explored together ...

Edges of inlet, Southold


Thanks for bringing life to the dry patches ...

Succulents, Montauk


And more thanks for those daily "ding" repairs you provided ...

"Ding Repair" sign in Ditch Plains, Montauk


Some things just won't be the same without you ...

East Hampton


But, since you must go, take the broad and clear view with you ...

Cliffs, Southold

... Remember to keep your focus adjusting

Wildflowers, Montauk


As your beautiful new day dawns ....

Sunrise, Peconic


So long, farewell. We will miss you ...

Two daisies, Montauk Point


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    Beautiful and thoughtful; I will very much miss you too. I'm honored that you shared them.

  2. Lovely and thoughtful, as always. XOXOX