When a woman sets her mind to something ...

I'm impressed when I meet a women who has put her mind to building a professional life that suits her mothering style and is starting to see some benefit to that effort. Usually, I am impressed because before she sees any upside, she's had to wrestle with self doubt, change, and uncertainty for a good long while long enough to cause her to wonder whether she is on the right path.

There are so many angles to consider on this topic — financial concerns, childcare concerns, parenting preferences, spousal support, field of interest — that it is difficult even to showcase a few success stories in this blog without realizing that you've over simplified the issue and need to
give space to at-home moms that inspire too.

So, why not together get a link list of women who have set their minds to something. It could be a business or a personal goal. It could be anything that inspires! How about you? Are you wanting to put your mind to something? Use the comments to send it in ... I'll get us started:

There is a women at work who is mother to three adult children. One of these children, a daughter, has serious special needs that demand a lot from her. She has a son in Iraq, her second daughter moving home with an infant, and a full time job in accounts payable. She inspires me because she is full of life and laughter in spite (or because) of the complexity of her life. She is also a wonderful cook and shares delicious baked goods with our office frequently.
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  1. A few years ago we had a neighbor that lived 5 doors down. Our kids went to the same local public school, and we developed a friendship at a time where I could count my friends on one hand, despite living in DC for years. I found her witty sarcasm and ability to find humor in the drudgery and absurdity of motherhood wonderfully entertaining. Shortly after, the family moved to North Carolina "for a simpler life". Sigh.

    Last night we had "family night in Georgetown" which includes a movie at the smokestack, followed by BBQ at Old Glory, followed by Ben & Jerry’s, followed by a stop at Barnes and Noble. There, on a large poster board was an announcement of a reading and book signing with a picture of the author. “John, isn’t that our old neighbor Patti?’ It was thrilling… my old friend, not only alive and well, but wonderfully successful breezing back into DC on a book tour.

    Patti is Patti Digh, author of “Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally”. As it turns out, Patti had set her mind to writing an essay - every Monday - on her blog. She sent it out to 12 friends and asked that they bug her if she didn’t get the essay out the following Monday. It grew and grew (while I was obviously living under a rock without internet access) until a publisher who had been reading the blog for some time approached her say it would make a great book. The rest you can read at http://www.37days.typepad.com.

    I went to her reading tonight, happy to reconnect with my friend, enriched by listening to her familiar wit, and touched by the message and material of her writing: a compilation of small moments stories that remind us of tender memories in our own lives that we need to consciously treasure. I took 6 copies home to give to friends (one has your name on it Coco). Best, Danna

  2. That's such an inspiration, Danna!

    And BTW, Danna runs her own web development company, DLM:

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