Reality is 98% water

Remember that thought when you are feeling completely locked into old patterns and ways. In fact, with so much water around, floating must be at least as good an option as holding one's breath, no?
Thanks to all who sent in e-mails and comments and calls on the making of the meal plan; you have seriously raised the bar and re-energized me. I am so thankful to have so many smart and caring domestic goddesses in my midst. Although I often operate like
a lone wolf, you have all assured me that, indeed, there exists a welcoming den of other mothers and pups.
Good things are before us. As a new era is ushered into Washington, D.C., so it is in the world. Amidst all of the talk of change, and those resounding "Si, se puede-s," I am reminded that true positive change in one's circumstances is never external first; change comes from within.

Being domestic goddesses, we get that, don't we?

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