Adventures in humility

If you are wondering where I've been lately, I've been engaged in the discovery of my own smallness ... professionally and in my spirit. When I surrender to a cycle of smallness, I am usually on my way to receiving a wonderful gift.

Because "bigness" enjoys the warm embrace of the public, we learn (early on) to play our bigness up, not our smallness. And, let's face it, BIG energy is often fantastic energy to be around ... but not always.

Big energy without clarity and self-awareness is a drain. It's exhausting to be with someone who cannot tolerate vulnerability. Especially at a certain age (40+) with a certain global economy (today's).


You won't believe this, especially given this post's title, but my husband has just appeared in my office, all upset, to tell me that someone we love dearly has been in an accident. Honest. Apparently, she will be fine, may have some broken bones, but we are concerned and need to discuss next steps. Gotta go. More adventures in humility await.

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