Shopping for health insurance

Yesterday I was "shopping" for health insurance online. I looked at quotes from 3 companies.

Since we are motivated to buy benefits that insure our family, I am writing this open letter to get clear on a concept that remains unclear to me. You see, I am not a health insurance broker, nor am I a fortune teller. I realize that you want to make money on me, but here is the rub: Life is unpredictable ...

We are healthy. We don't smoke. We promise to pay on time, to do the very best we can with preventive care. We'll get regular exercise, eat lots of fruits and veggies, develop friendships and try keeping our home a safe haven to the best of our ability.

But it may not be enough.

We've all seen people's lives get hurt unexpectedly. We've witnessed how virus visits even the best of us. And then there is all that other stuff that happens ... the really tough stuff that requires lots of expert attention.

As I step through your online quote process, this nagging thought repeats: What happens if we do get sick? Will you abandon us? See, I am shopping for insurance.

I know it's not personal, that you are just taking a "calculated risk" ... but somehow when you know my height, weight, age, and entire medical history it starts to feel personal.

And while you ask for a lot, you reserve the right to give very little ... perhaps just when we may need it most. That feels personal too.

So here's my question: Could you share with me how often/frequently you deny coverage to your insured if they are paying on time?

I am a business person. I like facts. So, I had this idea that if I had a chance to assess your history, I might be able to make a "calculated risk" myself and go with the best company, not the best premium quote. I am shopping for insurance.

See, I am not skilled at predicting the future. We are healthy, but how can a person ever really know what the future holds?

Since we are talking, I have another suggestion. Why don't you insurers give me an incentive to stay close to you and learn from you and your fantastic network of health experts? Seems like a shame to assess me, collect money off me, then hope for the best.

Like parenting, isn't it continuity and engagement that return the highest lifetime value on an investment in people? Seems to me that you could reposition your stance to become "making an investment" in me, not making a gamble on my future prosperity.

We are a good bet, it's true. But now I want to know if you are.

I am shopping for insurance

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  1. I think you are supposed to feel honored to pay the company money and have them accept you as a customer.

    "Normal" company / Customer conversations do not seem to work for the industry. It is too bad as I am sure their customers have a lot of good things to bring to the relationship.

  2. RockwoodfarmMay 06, 2009

    Your conversation is too insghtful for an insurance company. They are large slow moving creatures with poor hearing and limited visual ability. Think about talking to a wooly mamouth when you are in dialogue with them, they are not intentionally dangerous but could step on you by accident and not acknowledge the misstep.