Summer, Act I: Get to the Point, Orient Point

Wondering how I resolved my interest in creating unstructured outdoor play for my kids this summer? Here is the update:

It's official, we're heading to Orient, New York, population 709 (2000 census), for some mom-grown, homespun, wetlands education, wildfowl watching, surf skimming, journaling, and (fingers crossed) not-so-much cabin-fevering fun!

I found a sweet cottage that was just slightly more money per week than I would have spent on camps, plus.
Now, I am left to plan how to structure our time (so that we don't spend every second of the day together), and I can remain on the grid partially to tend to my projects.

As always, if you have ideas, suggestions, send them along.

Stop back tomorrow for a guest post by Margaret Leeson, on summer's subtle parenting gifts.

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  1. Now I am crazy jealous. Looks like a great place to disappear with the family and have some great memories. There is nothing on the west coast like this.

    I found this persons nice flicker set of photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/n2ah/sets/72157619882405609/

    Looks like sooo much fun. When we go to vegas I will be sure not to post anything about it as there is no way to hold a candle to this :)