The mother of all health reform

Wish we could point to her, call her by name. What a fabulous spokesperson she'd be. ...

Truth is, there isn't a sole woman behind the movement to reform America's health care system. There are actually dozens of highly trained, powerful men advocating for the "feminine principle" to be restored to our care model. I say "men" to make the point that the feminine principle is not about gender. It is about possessing an awareness of the language, character, and capacity for nurture.

The "mother of all health reform" is an attitude within.

As an organic set of traits for both men and women to cultivate in their adult lives, "anima" balances the masculine principle - the traits that keep us all driving toward outward success, wealth, power, and the most "followers" in any sphere we influence - with the inner drive to connectedness.

The feminine principle is, at the highest level, behind many social movements today.

Think of the Slow Food Movement. What started as a modest philosophical statement, a quest, to restore responsibly produced and nurturing food to the table, the grocery store, and the restaurant has blossomed into a series of "convivia" located around the world that aim directly to advocate for change at the local level. The Slow Food movement has inspired spin-offs: Slow Movement, Slow Money, Slow Travel and Slow Living.

Could "Slow Medicine" be next?

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