Peppermint Joe-Joe's

Forget about my good intentions in the last post. It's a new day and I am here to spread the weight inducing word that:

Peppermint Joe-Joe's are back at Trader's


Bettina from Loulies.com tipped me off to these festive little cookies -- think Oreos with fine peppermint candy shavings laced into the creme -- last year and we loved them.

These cookies are super rich!

And that's what makes them perfect for holiday mudslides (vanilla ice cream, milk, and Oreos blended together) and other artery-clogging delights . . .

I'll be munching on a few of these in the weeks to come. In fact, we're hosting a bonfire this weekend so perhaps one of these boxes will make its way onto a goodies plate. My kids like them but if yours aren't fans of true peppermint flavor, skip 'em altogether.

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  1. Photo is great, but the best part of the post really is connection with the post it followed.