Who reads Coco?

Okay, so comments aren't the only way a blogger knows her readers are out there ... I recently drafted a synopsis of my blog and readership. It was an interesting exercise.

Below, let me share what I discovered:

  • Since I don't sell or pitch or rant on my blog, that leaves me to the slightly awkward process of writing about whatever's on my mind -- regardless of how it relates to the post from 3 weeks ago, or yesterday, or tomorrow.
  • If I had to put my finger on why I write, it is to practice building bridges. It is my hope that my own openness encourages others to grow too.
  • While still modest by Web 2.0 standards, my traffic performs well across most of Google's benchmarks. Visits, length of visit, loyalty, and average time on site are my strongest measures of engagement.
  • Geographically, readership spans every single state in the union. My most loyal readers are clustered in California, DC, and Massachusetts, with significant pockets of traffic emerging in Florida, Michigan and New Mexico, too. (I have many to thank!) Coco attracts some modest international traffic as well.
  • The "loyalty" metric of my traffic is interesting: over 50% of my unique visitors came back between 10 - 200 times in less than a year. An even more convincing measure that my readers get something out of Coco posts is the fact that 30% of those readers have visited between 100 - 200 times in under a year.
  • I try to post 3-4 times per week, but only if I've got something real to cover and time to cover it.
Before I close, I would like to share that I was trained as an anthropologist, first, and a communicator second. I believe that each day we bloggers and technologists and marketers are together inventing a global communication system in real time. It is extremely exciting to be part of this "call and response" paradigm-in-the-making. Glad you joined me on the ride and let me know if you ever want to guest post.

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